• Glen Donald premium New Zealand velvet
  • Located in the majestic Catlins of the South Island, New Zealand
  • We have farmed this block for 35 years
  • and have made a few friends along the way
  • Our 2200 herd of deer, have been specifically breed for velvet production
  • and now we produce some of the best velvet in the world
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Welcome to
Glen Donald Velvet

Exporting New Zealand velvet of the highest quality across the world.

Velvet is one of the nature's oldest health supplements. This highly-prized product is being grown on the hills of Glen Donald Farm, in New Zealand's South Island.

Our velvet comes from a healthy herd of deer whose antlers are sustainably harvested in a respectful and quality-approved manner. The animals live free-range on a large farm with lush green pastures, steeply sloping hills and abundant natural features.