About Glen Donald Velvet

Having farmed in the Catlins area on the South Coast of New Zealand for 45 years now, we specialise in exporting premium quality New Zealand velvet around the world.

Lachlan McDonald at Glen Donald Velvet FarmWho are we?

Lachlan McDonald and his family own this unique deer and sheep farming property that now produces some of the best quaility velvet in the world.

Our farm name is derived from "Glen", in Scottish Gaelic means steep or u shaped valley and Donald our family name. We have owned Glen Donald Farm and have been farming deer for nearly 35 years. Growing this herd has been a slow process, starting from a few wild captured deer, and developing with the introduction of selected new stock, to the current herd level of 2200. Velvet production began in 2003, when we set out to develop a 'velvet' herd - breeding stags which had the correct antler structure for the production of velvet.

Why Velvet?

Winter feeding at Glen Donald Deer Velvet FarmThe first recorded use of velvet as a health tonic is reportedly on a silk scroll found in a Han tomb in the Hunan province China dated at 168BC. Since then, velvet has been a sought after natural health tonic, both in Asia and increasingly in Westernised countries.

Velvet is thought to promote to following health benefits

  • Research supports that deer velvet's effects on the human body are restorative, strengthening and protective.
  • Body strengthening
  • Blood cell production
  • The immune system
  • Cardiovascular health and function
  • New Zealand deer velvet is the ideal health supplement to revitalise your pet with benefits in joint mobility and general health and well being.

Deer velvet has great potential as a dietary supplement, and it is a supplement that can be used to complement conventional Western therapies.

New Zealand Velvet HarvestingThe Velvet growth process

Stags or male deer grow a set of antlers annually. Mid-way through the growth stage the term 'velvet' is used to describe the appearance; as the name suggests it is short and fuzzy on the outside but it is within the antler structure where all the goodness is found. By shortening the antler growth process we are able to at once harvest the velvet, without unduly harming the animal, and therefore sustainably producing the velvet. Stags with uncut, fully grown antlers can and will create mortal danger to other stags and humans due to their aggressive behaviour at mating.

Strict handling and hygience standards are enforced during the harvesting process

New Zealand has very high standards of health and food safety. Our velvet harvesting proceedures are assessed annually and audited on a triennial basis. We meet strict codes in the areas of animal welfare, and we are proud of our hygienically clean working areas. The handling of velvet must be aligned to the highest food preparation standards. Processing of Glen Donald velvet is done in a USA export approved processing plant where the velvet is freeze dried in order to retain as much goodness as possible. Our velvet is also chemical free.

Glen Donald velvet… Natures wonder supplement, is high quality velvet, produced under USA export approved guidelines.

NZ Velvet - grown in the deep south of New Zealand