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Glen Donald velvet is produced from healthy animals that enjoy a unique free ranging environment to grow in. The velvet is sustainably removed under strict animal welfare conditions and handled to the highest industry standards. It is processed in a USA accredited plant and can be fully traced back to its source.

What is velvet antler?

Velvet is the term used to describe deer antlers in the early stage of growth. The soft velvet-like covering of hair that covers the main antler is how it got its name. As the antler becomes fully grown, it calcifies, turning to a hard bone like structure and the velvety layer strips off. The earliest recorded use of velvet as a health tonic was found on a silk scroll in a Han tomb in the Hunan province China dated to 168BC, and has been increasingly used over the last 2200 yrs. Velvet is so valued, due to the extreme growth cycle it goes through, growing up to 2 cm per day. It grows from the tip, which is rich in stem cells and has and has had scientists and researchers fascinated in its growth and regeneration properties.

The Chinese have been using Deer velvet for over 2200 years for the following health aliments:

  • body strengthening
  • blood cell production
  • the immune system
  • cardiovascular health and function

Velvet research has proven...

Over the past 80 years there has been a great deal of research carried out throughout the world, mainly based in north Asian countries, but also Canada, USA , Australia, Europe and New Zealand. Research has been carried out on topics as diverse as recovery after tissue injury to memory function to healthy joint function to blood health.

A very interesting trial was carried at the University of Montreal in Canada by "The Companion Animal Research Group" on dogs that had mild cases of osteoarthritis. There were 38 dogs in the trail - 13 placebo and 25 on velvet for 60 days. The 13 on placebo did not show any improvement after 60 days, but the 25 on velvet showed a significant improvement in their gait, performance in daily life and their vitality - although no clinical changes in the blood analyses was shown. Giving velvet, while not curing the dogs of osteoarthritis, was effective in alleviating the condition.

Glen Donald Farm DogsAs you have seen in the photos of my working dogs - they are looking great. They are both mid-life of age and do a lot of work (moving deer and sheep). The big dude, Russ, has had a broken wrist which was operated on before I brought him. He was sometimes getting lame so I have been giving him velvet and he is certainly a different dog. In line with the above study, it was not a cure but really helped to assist him.

For more velvet information

Deer industry New Zealand is the organisation the Glen Donald farm is a member of and through their website is a wealth of information pertaining to velvet.

Scientifically veriyfied origin of our Velvet

Oritain can independently and scientifically verify the origin of Glen Donald Velvet to a forensic standard. Oritain's origin system complements existing traceability systems, but unlike the latter is not able to be manipulated or tampered with. You can trust that you are getting 100% NZ Glen Donald Velvet - click here for more details

NZ Velvet - grown in the deep south of New Zealand